Nearby Interests


Within a radius of five miles and five minutes of driving time, there are numerous locations for picturesque runs or walks. You can: 

  • stock up on organic groceries and have a latte or frozen yogurt.
  • drop off your dry cleaning, meet friends for an alfresco dinner and watch a movie.
  • play a round of golf, smoke an exotic cigar or enjoy a wine tasting.

Pick up groceries at Trader Joe’s, The Fresh Market, Harris-Teeter or Earth Fare.  Enjoy a coffee at Starbucks.

In just a few additional minutes of driving, SouthPark Mall is one of the premiere shopping centers in the Southeast, offering Neiman Marcus, Burberry, Coach, The Apple Store, Crate & Barrel, Louis Vuitton and Macy’s, plus dozens of specialty shops and restaurants.

The Piper Glen Communty is in the very center of the most vibrant and exciting area of Charlotte. 

Select the Piper Glen Area Map to the left and look for other places or shops of interest to you to see just how easy and convenient they are to Piper Glen. 

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